Green Beginnings believes that each child should unfold naturally. Green Beginnings recognizes that all children have individual needs. Each child will be supported, stimulated, and encouraged to reach their full potential.


Health is the focus at Green Beginnings. Therefore health will be incorporated into much of the curriculum. Green Beginnings will not only focus on the health of the child but also the health of the environment.


Social & Emotional

• Trusts and interacts comfortably with familiar adults.

- Relies less on immediate connection with familiar adult and engages with a wider range of people and situations.

• Shows increasing ability to regulate own behavior.

- Understands what is expected of him or her but does not comply consistently.

• Exhibits an emerging sense of competence and confidence in growing abilities.

- Begins to use verbal communication to describe abilities.

• Manages a range of emotions.

- Begins to use language to express more complex emotions, such as shame and guilt.

• Begins to engage with others by using more complex social exchanges.

- Participates in longer, more complex engagements with others.

• Demonstrates an awareness of self in relationship to others in care, family, community, and cultural groups.

- Focuses more attention on people outside his or her immediate world and their roles.

• Expresses needs and participates in self-care routines.

- Attempts to complete more complex personal care tasks without adult assistance.



• Moves body with increasing purpose, focus, control, strength, coordination, balance, and skill.

- Attempts a variety of more complex large-muscle activities that involve coordinated leg and arm movements.

• Gains control of small muscles in hands.

- Gains ability to coordinate the use of arms, hands, and fingers.



• Remains focused on an object, person, or task.

- Continues an activity despite distractions.

•  Makes things happen and begins to understand the cause of some events.

- Thinks of ways to solve problems without having to try various solutions.

• Begins to group objects that have similar characteristics.

- Groups objects with similar characteristics.

• Gains a basic understanding of how things move and fit in space

- Starts to predict and imagine how things fit and move in space.

• Utilizes strategies for solving simple problems.

- Develops and carries out simple plans for solving basic problems.

• Engages in imitation and various types of social play behavior.

- Participates in pretend play with peers.



• Understands verbal and nonverbal communication.

- Understands more abstract and complex language.

• Uses vocalizations, gestures, and eventually words for a variety of purposes.

- Utilizes simple sentences and questions.

• Exhibits an interest in pictures, storytelling, and book reading.

- Demonstrates an interest in print and its purposes.

• Uses vocalizations, gestures, and eventually words for a variety of purposes.

- Experiments with scribbling and begins to connect it with communication.


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