Flowers (5 years)

Green Beginnings believes that each child should unfold naturally. Green Beginnings recognizes that all children have individual needs. Each child will be supported, stimulated, and encouraged to reach their full potential.


Health is the focus at Green Beginnings. Therefore health will be incorporated into much of the curriculum. Green Beginnings will not only focus on the health of the child but also the health of the environment.


*Our Nation is adopting the Common Core Standards in grades Pre-kindergarten through eighth. In order for all children to have a similar foundation, our country is working towards reaching the same goals for our children. The Common Core Standards believe it is the answer to creating a high quality, consistent curriculum from school to school, and state to state. These standards will ensure that all students are  prepared for success.


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Chicago, IL 60607


English Language Arts and Literacy

• Reading Standards for Literature and Informational Text

- Key Ideas and Details

- Craft & Structure

- Integration & Knowledge of Ideas

- Range of Reading & Level of Text Complexity

• Reading Standards: Foundational Skills

- Print concepts

- Phonological Awareness

- Phonics and Word Recognition

- Fluency



• Text Types and Purposes

• Production and Distribution of Writing

• Research to Build and Present Knowledge

• Range of Writing

• Responding to literature


Speaking and Listening Standards

• Comprehension and Collaboration

• Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas


Language Standards

• Conventions of Standard English

• Knowledge of Language

• Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Mathematical Practices

• Counting and Cardinality

• Operations and Algebraic Thinking

• Measurement and Data

• Geometry



• Scientific Thinking

• Earth and Space

• Living Things

• Physical Properties


Social Studies

• Geography

• History

• Civics, Citizenship, and Government

• Economics

• Career Development


The Arts

• Visual Arts

• Music

• Theatre/Dramatic Play

• Dance/Creative Movement

• Cultural Differences



• Foundations of Technology

• Using Technology

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