GB Seed

For the past decade, Katie Darcy and Kristina Lugo have been working together, making an impact on the lives of children in Chicago. These two educators have studied and developed their career around children.


Through their experience in the public school system, Katie and Kristina felt there was a need for early childhood intervention. This planted the inspiration to establishing Green Beginnings. These two educators are dedicated to developing children at an earlier age. They have learned that early education is the key to success.


Since 2008, Katie and Kristina have been developing Green Beginnings. While still in the public school system, they began their journey to set the foundation for Green Beginnings.


Over the past four years, these two educators continued to strengthen their knowledge in early childhood education, while rooting the foundation of Green Beginnings in health. Katie and Kristina strongly believe that families are a major influence in the health of their children, but a close “runner up” is the children’s environment.


Studies show that a healthier child is positively connected with their education. They believe a curriculum centered around the health of the children and their environment will have long lasting effects.


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