Katie Darcy is a Chicagoan at heart. She was born and raised in the city with her parents and younger sister. She attended elementary, high school, and college in Chicago. She received her education degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002. After graduating, Katie began her teaching career in the city. Katie has worked for the Chicago Public School system for the past ten years. Katie hopes to make an even greater impact in Chicago with the development of Green Beginnings. She is dedicated to improving the lives of the children in Chicago.


Her long term goal, which she called “Her Dream,” was that one day she would open her own “daycare.” Her dream is becoming a reality, bigger than she ever imagined. She credits this to all the supportive and strong people she surrounds herself with in her life. Without all of them Green Beginnings, childcare and early development center, would not have become a reality. Katie believes that everyone should ALWAYS HAVE A DREAM!


Katie is passionate about learning. She is fascinated with the mind, especially the unfolding of children’s minds. She is constantly learning about their processing and understanding. Through this process, she has learned that health is a major component to a child’s learning.


She continues to learn more about health and its impact on everyone’s life. Over the past few years, she has made a great effort to support small, local businesses, and even purchasing a majority of her meats, dairy, and produce from organic and/or local farms. She believes that the health of the environment has a direct correlation to the health of our society.


One of Katie’s strongest attributes is how well she balances her life. She credits this to creating her personal goal of building a healthier lifestyle for herself. By having a positive attitude and being a creative problem solver, she has been able to reduce the stress in her life. But occasionally, on those stressful days, walking into her home where her dog is always there, puts a smile on her face every time. She also doesn’t want to discredit the work of her monthly massage!


Although she does love health, everyone around her knows she LOVES her food (but, with just the right balance!). You just might run into her at one of the restaurants on Randolph!


GREEN BEGINNINGS -- 1436 West Randolph Chicago, IL 60607 -- PHONE: 312.226.4256 -- EMAIL: gb@greenbeginningschicago.com