Kristina Lugo was raised with her two parents, and five older siblings. Her parents, originally from Mexico, always had high standards for their children, especially their children’s education. They believed that education was the key to success, and Kristina is the living proof. She received a scholarship to attend St. Ignatius College Prep High School, as well as, a scholarship to attend DePaul University where she received her education degree in 2004.


People who know her best know that she has planted her roots in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. She was born, raised, and began her education in this neighborhood. Pilsen is where she has dedicated the past eight years to making an impact on the lives of children. Over the years, she has seen images of herself in her students, and she wants nothing more for her students than what her parents wished for her.


With her experience in Pilsen, Kristina realized the need of health education in her community. Therefore, she began to incorporate health in her daily curriculum,. Kristina implemented programs that focused on making healthier choices, cooking, running, and raising money for health related diseases. Kristina has instilled her passion for creating a healthier lifestyle in her students.


Reflecting back on her life, about ten years ago Kristina made it her mission to begin to create a healthier lifestyle for herself. She continues to increase her knowledge in the health field. She is now focused not only on motivating herself, but motivating the people around her. Now and again (and again!), you may hear her utter the famous words, “Just Do It!”


Kristina felt that to carry out her mission of motivating more people she needed to branch out and develop Green Beginnings, a childcare and early development center. She felt that Green Beginnings focus on health was the outlet to educate kids on health at an earlier age. She believes there is a strong connection between health and education.


Not only has Kristina created a new chapter in her life by the development of Green Beginnings, but in March of 2012 she created another by marrying her husband. He is her other dream come true!


With all these new chapters in her books, Kristina maintains her sanity by training for races. Keep your eyes peeled… you might just see her running past you in the neighborhood!

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