Judy was raised in the western suburbs, but always yearned for the city life.  Her mother was an elementary school teacher while her father worked for the airlines.  They valued education at an early age and enrolled Judy at the age of 2 in preschool as the youngest member in the class of 3 and 4 year olds.  Her second pre-school provided transportation door-to-door in a little white bus at a time when pre-schools were at their inception.

During the summer months and after school, she often played teacher with the neighborhood children.  Parents soon called on her to babysit, much to her delight.  As a teenager she enjoyed working in a day care center.

Judy began her undergraduate education at a local community college, but the city beckoned and she earned her degree in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Art.  Over the years she continued her education becoming director qualified by the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services.


After marriage and family, Judy put her career on hold to be home with her son and daughter.  As her youngest child went off to pre-school, Judy saw that it was time to get back to teaching.  She has been an early childhood educator for the past 17 years.  Judy has taught toddler classes through pre-kindergarten, as well as, been a Director of a successful private pre-school in the western suburbs.  Throughout her years of teaching she has developed new programs and established new school standards.  A particular joy is having parents share with her the accomplishments of former students in elementary school and beyond.


Being healthy and exercising is a major component of her life.  As a youngster, Judy loved gardening and planting flowers with her mom.  She would eat apples and pears off the trees in her own back yard.  Judy was often sent to pick the tomatoes and cucumbers when it was dinner time.  She and her brother were part of the unenjoyable “weed patrol” earning her a weekly allowance.


She is passionate about the benefits of working out and feels it is simply a part of her day.  It is a choice she has never regretted.  She loves jogging outside on weekends.  You may see her whizzing by on Lake Shore Drive or along the lakes of Wisconsin.  During her lunchtime she can be found in the gym working out. Judy believes it’s important to eat clean.  "Quality food fuels you up for a great day”, although she enjoys her cheat day with a pizza and sweets. She believes in moderation as well!  Her loyal companion is Nutella, her Lassa-Lapso dog, who is there to greet her when she enters her home.


For Judy, joy in life is spending her day with children.  She believes the best teachers learn while they are teaching.  Judy teaches with kindness, compassion and structure.  It is important to recognize all the teachable moments in a child’s day and embrace them.  The love of learning can be instilled at a very young age, as well as the joy of reading. Judy is an avid reader, traveler and BARGIN shopper!


Judy is excited to be a part of the Green Beginnings’ team and planting the seeds of learning and health that will last a lifetime.


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