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Ms. Juliete - Teacher's Assistant

Juliet was born and raised in Chicago, specifically in the Pilsen neighborhood. After many fields of study and many decisions, she is finally doing what she loves, which is studying to become a teacher. Juliet earned most of her child education courses from attending the City Colleges of Chicago and is currently transferring to DePaul University in 2015 to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Education.


When touring through Green Beginnings, Juliet saw how important it was to work with children in their early stages. As a parent, she believes in the importance of raising her children to become happy, healthy, productive members of society. Green Beginning’s does just that and has an amazing outlook for children, which is why she is incredibly grateful to be a part of the team.


Her true hobby has always been arts and crafts. It is always an enjoyable task for her and she has found a much bigger meaning to it when working with children. When it comes down to free-time, Juliet enjoys spending her time being with her family. She married her high school sweetheart while living in New Mexico. Together they now raise two beautiful children. Being a mother of two has opened her eyes to see how much love she has for children and Green Beginnings is a perfect match for her to start her career on the right foot.




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