Ms. Lilly - Teacher Assistant

Lilly was raised in the Little Village neighborhood. She is the oldest of three sisters. She discovered her passion for working with children in her adolescence. At the age of sixteen, she began attending the Salvation Army. For many years she volunteered in the After School Program and Vacation Bible School Program in her neighborhood. The best experience she had, was signing up for a month long mission trip to help in different churches with their summer programs for children and pantry programs.


Lilly often accompanied her mother, who worked with children with disabilities as home health aide. As a result, she decided to become a home health aide herself. Her purpose as an aide was to help a child with autism develop his communication and cognitive skills. She learned that it was a challenging but very rewarding experience.


Lilly became interested in the health aspect of a child’s life. She believes that ensuring a healthy growth and development should be a prime concern for all of those who surround them. This belief led her to take classes to obtain her CNA certification (Certified Nurse’s Assistant), as well as other courses at Harold Washington College that could serve as a stepping stone for a future career as an RN. She worked as a CNA for three years caring for the elderly. This was definitely an amazing experience for her. She learned many skills that could be implemented in different areas of her life.


Lilly believes that being healthy inside and out is important. “I like to make the best out of every situation. I love being optimistic and encouraging people around me to feel their best.” She truly is delighted to be a part of Green Beginnings who shares her passion of encouraging children to love and respect nature and each other. “Watching all the children make discoveries about our world and about themselves is pretty amazing.”


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