Nurse Jen

Nurse Jen graduated with a bachelors of science in nursing as a registered nurse in 2003. From there, she went on to work in the Neonatal ICU at the University of Chicago. She has been there ever since.



Jen grew up with her four older sisters. Now, they have all started their own families. But, they are often visiting one another, meeting up for lunch or dinner, or shopping for the latest trend. When these sisters come together, there is never a dull moment. They will make you laugh at any point of the day.


In 1998, Jen met the man she would later marry. They have built a life together in a suburb of Chicago. One of the things they love to do together is travel. They travel quite often, but always enjoy coming home to their family and friends in Chicago.


Jen now has four nieces and a nephew which she plans her days off around. She loves to spent time with them, especially have FUN with them! She always has a story to tell about one of these kids. She is so in love with them!


Jen loves to stay healthy. She believes, “You are what you eat!” Her, as well as her husband, try to live a healthy lifestyle. She loves to invite her friends and family over for a party, or just a dinner. She tries to live a healthy lifestyle and believes it all starts with what you put in your body. You may find her outside jogging in her neighborhood or inside at a hot yoga class.


Nursing was made for Jen. With her love of little ones and her interest in the health field, it was no doubt Jen would build her career in nursing. At home, at work, and now here at Green Beginnings, she is surrounded by little ones with many different backgrounds. However, the common ground is that these little ones have found their way into every facet of Nurse Jen’s life.


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