Green Beginnings, a childcare & early development program, that centers around the health of children and the environment, is ready to develop the newest generation!



Green Beginnings is being developed in the West Loop of Chicago by two public school teachers seeking a need for change in childcare & early development. Their goal is to develop your children to be healthy, lifelong learners in our world.



This program will provide:

• A safe, eco-conscious, intimate environment

• An early childhood development setting

• A place to learn about living a healthier way of life

• Organic & locally grown foods and eco-conscious products



This program will:

• Promote the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child

• Foster your child’s language through: diverse languages, books, interactive play, conversations, and relationships

• Use everyday experiences, explorations, and interactions to develop the whole child

• Cultivate the love and respect of nature and our environment

• Encourage families to be involved in the early education of their child

• Maintain a staff that increases their knowledge in early childhood development, eco-conscious ideas, and health related issues



GREEN BEGINNINGS -- 1436 West Randolph Chicago, IL 60607 -- PHONE: 312.226.4256 -- EMAIL: