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Since 2004, Katie Darcy and Krissy Ramirez have been working together, making an impact on the lives of children in Chicago. These two educators have studied and developed their career around children.


Green Beginnings will provide a safe, intimate environment where all children are supported, stimulated, and encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

For Families

Green Beginnings believes that the roots of a plant are a perfect symbol of a family in a child’s life. Roots are the foundation of a plant and are constantly growing.

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About Green Beginnings Chicago

Welcome to Green Beginnings Chicago, where a decade-long journey in education has inspired the creation of a nurturing space for your child's growth. Founded by Katie Darcy and Krissy Ramirez, two dedicated educators with a passion for early childhood development, Green Beginnings is a childcare and early development program situated in the vibrant West Loop of Chicago.

Our Story

For over a decade, Katie and Krissy have been shaping the lives of children in Chicago. Their experience in the public school system revealed a need for early childhood intervention, leading to the establishment of Green Beginnings in 2008. Their vision revolves around the belief that early education is the key to a child's success, emphasizing a curriculum centered around health and the child's environment.

Our Mission

At Green Beginnings, we strive to provide a safe, intimate environment where all children are supported, stimulated, and encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Through everyday life experiences, explorations, and interactions, our children strengthen their desire to be lifelong learners, bridging the gap between toddlers and school-aged children.By using innovative, healthy, and eco-conscious ideas and cultivating a love and respect for nature, Green Beginnings enriches the unique qualities of each child, ensuring a strong foundation built on relationships with individual families..

Our Program

Green Beginnings is more than a childcare and early development program; it's a commitment to the health of children and the environment. Located in the West Loop of Chicago, our program is developed by two public school teachers seeking a positive change. Our goal is to nurture healthy, lifelong learners in our world.

Our program features:

  • A safe, eco-conscious, intimate environment

  • Early childhood development settings

  • Learning about living a healthier way of life

  • Organic & locally grown foods and eco-conscious products

We are dedicated to promoting the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child, fostering language development through diverse languages, books, interactive play, conversations, and relationships.

The Team

Katie Darcy

Katie has worked for the Chicago Public School system for the past ten years, dedicated to improving the lives of the children in Chicago.

Krissy Ramirez

She received a scholarship to attend St. Ignatius College Prep High School and a scholarship to attend DePaul University, where she received her education degree in 2004.

Ms. Larrita
Seedlings Teacher

Ms. Anali
Sprouts Teacher

Ms. Maria
Flowers Teacher

Ms. Allison
Enrollment Coordinator

Nurse Jen

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Making decisions about your child’s early education and care can be challenging. We want to inspire confidence in your decision, while making the process as simple as possible.




Seedlings (6 weeks - 14 months)

In the Seedlings stage, we embrace natural growth, providing a foundation for each child's unique potential. Health, both personal and environmental, is woven into the fabric of our curriculum.Embarking on a journey where:

  • Trust and interaction with familiar adults shape emotional growth.

  • Purposeful movement and hand muscle control enhance physical development.

  • Focused exploration, problem-solving, and imitation foster cognitive skills.

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills are honed through a variety of activities.

Sprouts (15 months - 23 months)

As Sprouts blossom, we cultivate trust, interaction, and self-regulation. This phase builds on foundational skills with an emphasis on more complex engagement.Key milestones include:

  • Coordinated movement and increased small muscle control.

  • Developing problem-solving strategies and engaging in pretend play.

  • Understanding simple speech and expressing multiword phrases.

Buds (2 years)

In the Buds stage, health takes center stage as we introduce more complex activities, fostering independence and problem-solving skills.Notable growth areas include:

  • Engaging with a wider range of people and situations.

  • Attempting more complex large-muscle activities and gaining fine motor skills.

  • Utilizing language for self-expression and exploring scribbling as a form of communication.

Flowers (3-5 years)

The Flowers classroom provides a hands-on, meaningful approach to preschool education, setting the stage for success in the primary classroom.An immersive experience featuring:

  • Learning Centers like Library, Writing, Visual Art, and more.

  • Daily experiences including Morning Meeting for community building and Food Experience for hands-on kitchen activities.


Green Beginnings believes that the roots of a plant are a perfect symbol of a family in a child’s life. Roots are the foundation of a plant and are constantly growing. Only as the roots strengthen, do plants flourish. Throughout a plants life, the roots support it and feed it life. At Green Beginnings, we strongly believe that families are the roots of their children!In order for the roots of Green Beginnings to be strengthened, we encourage our families to plant their roots with us so that we may grow together for the benefit of their children. With all our roots growing together, we hope to grow the best Seedlings, Sprouts, Buds, Blossoms, and Flowers in Chicago.

Please consider the environment before printing this Family Handbook.

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